Halstrom Academy Videos

  • Transformational Journeys

    Halstrom Academy welcomes all students looking for a life-changing educational experience. We believe every student has the potential to succeed. At Halstrom, we serve a variety of middle and high school students that are each remarkable and talented in their own way. We prepare students to reach their personal goals and dreams.

  • Halstrom Academy Graduation

    Congratulations to our Halstrom Graduates! Our graduations encapsulate our Halstrom community, pride, and spirit. Each graduate is honored by a Halstrom teacher who speaks about their individual journey, accomplishments, and future.

  • Summer School

    Catch Up, Make Up, or Get Ahead. Halstrom is a WASC accredited private school serving grades 6-12, offering 1:1 instruction, paired learning, flexible scheduling, and more. Education That Fits. Your Needs. Your Goals. Your Life. www.halstromacademy.org

  • A Look Inside Halstrom

    Take a look inside Halstrom Academy. Learn about our one-to-one teaching model, and how Halstrom Academy's progressive teaching model has benefited students with different learning styles for over thirty years. See more about how Halstrom Academy helps students achieve academic success.

  • A Better Solution

    If your child is struggling in a traditional classroom, then Halstrom Academy may be the perfect place for your child to learn. Halstrom Academy offers one-to-one instruction for students in grades 6-12. At Halstrom Academy your student will receive the attention he or she needs to succeed.

  • Community

    Halstrom Academy provides a small, supportive community and is a place where your child will fit in. Students can get involved in clubs, field trips, etc. Your child can be themselves, make friends, and there are no bullies. Join the Halstrom Academy family today!

  • The One-to-One Difference

    Halstrom Academy's one-to-one instruction allows your child the full attention they need to stayed engaged in the classroom. Your child won't be left behind like in a traditional classroom. The unique experience of one-to-one instruction means your student is the priority in the classroom. Experience the one-to-one difference at Halstrom Academy.

  • Halstrom HS Student - Kiana - Unlocking Potential

    Halstrom High School student, Kiana is a normal teenager who enjoys playing tennis, singing and hanging with her friends. Prior to enrolling at Halstrom, Kiana and her family were concerned about her academic progress and her ability to get into a good university. As a Halstrom student Kiana feels confident and empowered to excel in school and follow her dreams of becoming a news journalist.

  • Halstrom HS Student - Dallas - Freedom to Succeed

    Dallas H. is a professional go cart racer and a student at Halstrom High School. Dallas is involved in a number of activities in addition to racing, such as acting, music, archery and creating and managing her own website. With her busy schedule Dallas needs a high school that is designed around her. Halstrom High School gives Dallas the freedom to succeed in and out of the classroom.