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Your One-to-One Middle School

Middle School (6-8th grade) is a transitional period in every student’s life. It is very different from elementary school which can be challenging for students to adjust to all the changes. Halstrom Academy provides a small, nurturing school environment that makes this adjustment less difficult. Plus the one student one teacher ratio ensures that optimal learning is maintained. At Halstrom Academy, middle school students can choose from a full range of one-to-one middle school level courses to meet their 8th grade promotion requirements. Halstrom’s middle school curriculum is taught using the latest technology, including the use of iPads and/or Chromebooks loaded with eTextbooks and learning apps.

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What to expect at Halstrom

  • Instruction focused on the student’s skills, interests, needs and rate of progress.
  • Students and teachers work together one-to-one to achieve content mastery and personalized goals.
  • An education that is aligned with 21st century learning.
  • Our commitment to using cutting-edge technology in all aspects of learning.
  • Highly qualified instructors always looking out for the student’s best interest.
  • A social environment with many opportunities to get involved with classmates.
  • Scheduled class sessions are 50 minutes long.
  • Each standard semester-length course averages about 25 class sessions which can be on campus or online.
  • Between class sessions students have 3-5 hours of independent study and are encouraged to complete their schoolwork on campus in “The Study.”
  • Support/Intervention courses now available to be taken in conjunction to core courses.
  • Enrichment also available.

Proven Success of the Halstrom 1:1 Method

The Halstrom Academy method is based on the research of Dr. Benjamin Bloom from the University of Chicago. Learning occurs at a rate of 98% with one-to-one instruction which means it works for nearly every student and results in retention and ability to apply information learned. Mastery learning requires a minimum of 80% understanding to ensure a solid foundation of knowledge before moving on to the next concept or course.

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The 21st Century Middle School

Halstrom Academy’s commitment is to use cutting-edge technology in all aspects of learning with qualified instructors concerned for the total student experience. Halstrom provides an engaging social environment with opportunities for student involvement with classmates that fosters a fun and inspiring community for all.

Learning at the Pace of the Student

Halstrom Academy recognizes that most schools maintain a traditional M-F 8-3p schedule, making for long days, which leaves students tired or disengaged. Halstrom’s scheduled class sessions are only 50 minutes long allowing for a concentrated effort at 1:1 engagement. This also means that each standard semester-length course averages about 25 class sessions. These can be on campus or online. Most students only attend school 3-4 days a week – which benefits both parents and students alike.

Between class sessions, students have 3-5 hours of independent study and are encouraged to complete their schoolwork on campus in “The Study.” This allows the student to fully comprehend what was taught or to get help from a tutor on site so it frees up the families from the task of long hours of homework and frustration at home.

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Middle School Course Catalog PDF
For more information on what courses Halstrom has to offer please download our PDF or contact us directly using the form on this page.

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