Online Courses

Learning Anywhere, Anytime

online school Halstrom Online makes it possible for any student to receive high-quality one-to-one education anywhere in the world. While many institutions offer online correspondence programs, you will not find one-to-one teaching with a real teacher on the other end of a computer screen anywhere else. Through real-time interaction between student and teacher, using the internet or videoconferencing, each student can experience distance learning with a personal touch.

How it Works

The student and teacher can share their desktops, whiteboards, and chat functions as they meet together. Teachers are also available through chat during online office hours and can be contacted 24/7 via email.

After meeting with their teachers, students complete their work and then upload their homework to the course-specific digital drop-box that is accessible to them anytime of the day or night. Students must master the assignment at 80% or better before moving on to the next assignment. During the live session, teachers will reteach anything that is necessary, will preview the next assignment and will teach the next lesson.

International Online School

Halstrom teaches high school students from all over the world. Students are able to earn U.S. based credits and diplomas without leaving their home country. This makes their education affordable and convenient without sacrificing quality or instruction.

online school

Technical Requirements:


  • Headset with microphone.
  • HyperPen stylus with touch pad (for science and math classes).


  • None needed: simply click on the link your online teacher provides you.
  • Any required plug-ins will be displayed and can be downloaded upon login.
  • A broadband Internet connection (DSL or Cable) is required.