Student Life

1:1 Class Sizes Doesn’t Mean Learning Alone

student lifeEnjoy the student life at Halstrom. Inside the classroom it’s 1:1, but outside it’s anything but. When not in class, students have many opportunities to work and socialize together through activities such as field trips and student government, and a variety of clubs including leadership, yearbook, dance and theatre club.

It’s School Work, Not Homework

This is most helpful for students and parents! Because the majority of student work is done outside the classroom, Halstrom provides two designated spaces at each campus that students can call their own. “HangOut” offers a relaxing atmosphere to socialize with friends, watch TV, play music and work on group projects. “The Study” provides workstations and a computer lab to finish assignments and study for tests. Each Quiet Study is staffed with a tutor to help students master the content outside of the classroom. This frees your student up from homework and you as a parent, do not need to struggle spending time trying to understand what is required.

Halstrom Students

Our students really do come from varied backgrounds with a wide range of abilities and learning styles. The benefit of teaching One-to-One means that learning is customized to them and for them. The small, nurturing environment at Halstrom Academy has provided a safe and socially engaging setting so our students make connections and lasting friendships. “At Halstrom I definitely feel like it's just one big happy family. Even in the first week, I met people that I already knew were going to be friends with me for the rest of my life.” Rachel S., Halstrom Student.

We deliver:

  • A smaller, tight-knit community
  • Deeper, life-long relationships with teachers and classmates in a nurturing environment with less peer pressure, no bullying
  • An atmosphere that allows students to flourish emotionally, socially, and academically.

Student Stories

See videos of our students talking about their experiences and what Halstrom has done for them.




“The flexible scheduling helps me balance school with my hockey. Because I'm not in class all day, I have enough time to finish my homework, so when I'm playing hockey I can be completely focused and not worried about school and unfinished school work.”
Garrett G. Halstrom Student, 2014
“I came to halstrom with a 1.0 my freshmen year. At Halstrom the 1:1 classes and the iPad with all of the apps have made school much easier and more interesting. I entered my junior year with a 4.3 GPA and am on track to graduate high school with a 3.9 GPA.”
Caroline W. Halstrom Student, 2014
“Our daughter has needed an extreme amount of flexibility and halstrom has bent over backwards to provide it in order for her to earn her high school diploma.”
Linda R. Parent, 2014